L 1685mm x W 740mm x H 460mm

A rectangular bath which is compact, yet perfectly proportioned. 

This rectangular beauty adds a whole new dimension to our bath range, yet we have stuck to our core values with regards to style, design and functionality as a primary focus. When you don’t want to compromise on a sublime bathing experience because of a lack of space, we recommend this compact freestanding stone bath, which is narrow enough to fit into almost any bathroom.

L1685mm x W740mm x H460mm
Base Dimensions: 770mm x 310mm

Redere Bath Isolated
Redere Bath Isolated

Individually crafted, this timeless freestanding bath is created using a carefully blended composite of high-quality resin and stone which is hand polished to a lustrous finish.  While retaining the natural beauty of stone, the insulation properties help maintain the temperature of the water for a longer, more relaxing bathing experience.

Available in a wide range of innovative gloss or natural matt stone finishes, this product is hard-wearing, scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean and is resistance to mould, mildew and bacteria.